Hair, Beauty & Wellbeing

In the very hectic world that we live in it is often very easy to neglect our own needs whether that is making us feel good about ourselves or whether it is a need to stop and take the time about our health needs.

Here in Belper we have access to many businesses which are capable of just that…giving you some time to look after yourself. There are many quality hair stylists in Belper to choose from to give you that extra special experience whether that is with Marie at Redd Lifestyle Salon, or at French and Ivi, Sally Montague or Katie Weeds – all perfectly placed to cater for your needs.

Or you might wish for some extra special pampering for that special occasion or… just because you feel like it and you can! Prestige Beauty is an ideal place for you to experience that pampering.

Feeling fit and well, though, is every bit as important a facet of our lives. If you are looking to feel healthier and have a bespoke approach personalised to you then look no further than the all ladies gym at Gymophobics.

And when that body says that it has had enough then we need to look at restoring it so that we can be ready to go again. This can be all down to personal choice as to the techniques you prefer but Stav at the Belper Chiropractic Centre or Dan at Belper Natural Health would both love to hear from you if you are in need.

Katie Weeds

Whether you are looking for a complete new look, a quick trim or a fabulous colour to die for, Katie Weeds Hair & Beauty is the place to be

French & Ivi

Offering the ultimate experience in hair and beauty. Owned by global celebrity stylist Tracey Devine Smith

Prestige Beauty

Exclusive and bespoke services for hair, skin and body. We provide the red carpet treatment through excellent service

Redd Lifestyle Salon

Welcome to your world of Redd. It’s called your world because the whole Redd service is built around you, in fact, it’s pure indulgence

Sally Montague

A contemporary hairdressing salon downstairs with a relaxing beauty floor upstairs. We also have a large shop area where you can find luxury hair and skin care products

Belper Chiropractic

At Belper Chiropractic we treat, moderate and then rehabilitate the body back to health in the most scientific and functional ways possible

Belper Natural Health Centre

Osteopathy is a system of diagnosis and treatment for a wide range of medical conditions

Infinity Lotus

Holistic Intuitive and Reiki Healing and also Flexible Space available for a variety of purposes

The Hemp Hut

Discover the powerful healing of hemp and other great products to assist you with your mental and physical well-being


Uniskin is a boutique clinic that combines medicine and aesthetics to create wellbeing from the inside out


We have been here for nearly 3 years offering fitness plans for ladies of all ages, all levels of fitness and ability